Ready To Get To Work

Dear Friend,

We did it! With over 70,000 votes and a decisive margin of victory, we have accomplished our collective goal and won our race for California State Assembly!

I first want to salute my opponent Abel Guillen for his public service and his forceful campaign. The results indicate voters had two very good choices and while I am grateful for our campaign’s success, I am mindful of the issues Trustee Guillen and I agree must be addressed and that we will need to work together.

I entered this race 16 months ago out of concern for our public schools, the safety of our East Bay neighborhoods, and the state of our local economy. I promised our shared community that I would improve the quality of education we provide our children, help prevent rampant gun violence, and work to create more good jobs. That’s why I am ready to get to work starting today.

I want to thank my wife Mialisa, my children Reina, Iliana and Andres, and my parents Cynthia and Warren and mother-in-law Enid for their love, support and sacrifice during this campaign. I am also tremendously grateful to my campaign staff and the hundreds of supporters who worked so hard to move our campaign forward. In particular, I want to thank Assemblyman Sandré Swanson for his support and trust.

I also want to acknowledge my campaign’s support from our state’s educators, firefighters, police officers and all public employees who work so hard to make our communities strong. I wouldn’t be in this position without them.

In addition to the clear challenges we face in the East Bay, there is a state budget to balance and services to all Californians to restore and strengthen. Thanks to the leadership of Governor Brown and passage of Proposition 30, we are in a better position now than at any time in the last decade to earn back the people’s trust and make good on our promises to improve education and healthcare and ensure a strong social services safety net.

I am absolutely sure that we can achieve all of this progress together and I am honored to be afforded the opportunity to help lead the effort.

Rob Bonta