Public Safety Officials Blast Guillen for Breaking Positive Campaign Pledge

October 30, 2012
CONTACT: Mark Capitolo

Public Safety Officials Blast Guillen for Breaking Positive Campaign Pledge

Guillen’s negative mailer shows his naiveté on crime and violence in Oakland

OAKLAND – East Bay public safety officials released the following statement regarding Abel Guillen’s attack mailer in Oakland:

“At the League of Women Voters candidates forum on September 6, Abel Guillen told the public he would run a positive campaign and he lied to all of us,” Alameda Firefighter Jeff Delbono said today. “What’s more, the message Guillen is trying to send to voters in his mailer – the first negative attack by any individual candidate in the AD 18 race – underscores his complete silence and zero-idea policy on crime and violence in Oakland.”

Oakland Police Officers Association president Barry Donelan also spoke out.

“Guillen’s mailer tries to persuade voters that just ignoring the murders and innocent children being killed in Oakland will make it go away. He couldn’t be more out of touch with Oakland,” Donelan said.

“As a husband and father of three, Rob Bonta decided to run for Assembly because the health, safety and educational success of children is his top concern. No candidate has been talking about this issue but Rob, and it appears he is still the only one that seems to worry about our kids.”

Delbono concluded, “this is why the California Democratic Party, Assemblyman Sandré Swanson, State Schools Superintendent Tom Torlakson, and both the San Francisco Chronicle and Oakland Tribune have endorsed Rob Bonta. It’s also why Alameda Firefighters and Oakland police officers have endorsed him, and not a single law enforcement organization backs Guillen.”

Bonta campaign consultant Mark Capitolo reviewed the Guillen negative attack, which criticizes Bonta for supporting purchase of a specialized emergency vehicle for the Alameda Police Department, and said it seems desperate.

“This is what you do when you have zero credentials related to public safety or k-12 education,” Capitolo said. “Rob Bonta, on the other hand, has actually stayed in touch with what children and families in Oakland need – to be safe while walking to school and have the best opportunity to learn when they get there.”